Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of some commonly asked questions

FAQ - for the public

How can I confirm a lawyer is licensed to practice law in Nebraska?
To confirm a lawyer is licensed to practice in Nebraska you can visit the Nebraska Supreme Court Attorney Services Division Website or call the Attorney Services Division of the Nebraska Supreme Court (402) 471-3137.

I need a lawyer, but I cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Where can I find lawyers who provide free or affordable legal services?
There are several non-profit organizations that provide free legal assistance to eligible low income persons. Applicants for free or reduced cost legal assistance must meet income and asset eligibility requirements. Not all programs provide legal assistance with criminal cases. To learn more about these programs, visit the Low Income Legal Assistance web page.

I want to file a complaint against my lawyer. What do I do?
Nebraska lawyers must comply with standards provided in the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern attorney conduct. The Nebraska Supreme Court Counsel for Discipline investigates and prosecutes attorney violations of those rules. To file a complaint, contact the Nebraska Supreme Court Counsel for Discipline for assistance. The office is located at 3508 Normal Boulevard Lincoln, NE 68506. The telephone is (402) is 471-1040. You may also visit the Website to learn how to file a grievance against a lawyer, to review public disciplinary orders issued against Nebraska lawyers, and to review the lawyer rules of professional conduct. Information is available at If you are making a complaint against your lawyer, we would ask that you also complete this Client Satisfaction Survey so that we are aware of your concerns.

I want to provide feedback to the Nebraska Find a Lawyer Website
To provide feedback or make a complaint about the Nebraska Find a Lawyer website or the services provided to you by an attorney participating in the Nebraska Find a Lawyer website, please return this 
Client Satisfaction Survey and return it to the Nebraska State Bar Association.

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